Day: November 25, 2020

A little wedding table styling

November 25, 2020

Variations of wedding tables around unique tableware Fabienne Spahn and Nathalie Duquenne, decorators and stylists events present here a small exercise in wedding table styling around the same white crockery and topping. These six radically different atmospheres show that it is possible interpret creative variations from the basics. Artichoke heartTable 1 Little wink to put […]

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With 3 Times Nothing !!

We create a holiday table worthy of the most elegant evenings … We bomb, we cut, we fold… We use our dishes “every day”, we invest 3 times nothing, we compete with tricks and above all we have fun! Let’s customize our cutlery, glasses, napkins and candles …  Everything is allowed, tonight is a day […]

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Girly Halloween

This year, I want a Halloween different from the others.Want to cheer up and make horror joyful, it’s decided Halloween will be “girly”. I looked in my cupboards and found a remnant of pink paint, rhinestones, glitter… Let’s have fun! Bats abandon their black clothes to put on their evening dresses. You just need to draw the bat […]

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Do not throw away your milk bottles, your pretty bottles of wine, or your small cardboard boxes. Today everything can be recovered and decorated! Pretty bottle You will need : a glass bottle, “any medium” paint called “undercoat paint” (in all DIY stores), scrapbooking embellishments (here paper flowers), and a brush.  The steps : You must first of all clean […]

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Flowers and Plants Trend

“At random fields or gardens, flowers order the artist’s palette. And if the season escapes, the bouquet lingered in its vase as if by magic …” In decoration, it is the flowers and plants that enter in our universe. The starting point is the observation of nature. A delicate and captivating nature, source of pleasure and tranquility. […]

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