A little wedding table styling

Variations of wedding tables around unique tableware

Fabienne Spahn and Nathalie Duquenne, decorators and stylists events present here a small exercise in wedding table styling around the same white crockery and topping. These six radically different atmospheres show that it is possible interpret creative variations from the basics.

Artichoke heart
Table 1

Little wink to put an end to fickle loves and marry righteous wedding ! This table can be made with seasonal vegetables easy to find.

A farandole of vegetables in softened green, violet and pink notes of helixin, acts as a centerpiece. Realization Fabrice Vallez. As a reminder, the towel traps an elegant asparagus and artichoke welcomes the guest’s name on one of its sheets. The placemats are made of white burlap fringed to stay in a spirit that is both rustic and elegant.

News from Delhi
Table 2

A small souvenir brought back from India in a newspaper inspired this modern wedding. An India revisited with refinement, more current than never.

We have mixed here with our basic tableware, a copper tableware with dark edges Aline Design. The cups filled with digestive seeds and fragrances greet the guest’s name in Latin and Indian alphabet. An Indian newspaper clipping plays the napkin headlines. The rings are not on the fingers but on the feet … glasses and cuts.

Fabrice Vallez has hijacked Aline Design’s copper cups and timpani to recompose half-pink, half-orchid flowers.

Listen to the grass grow
Table 3

A romantic and refined picnic for a return to nature. Simplicity and freshness for a delicate spring wedding. We fell in love with the pretty mousse and the romantic flowers of the saxifages simply placed in a pot of earth, they support a botanical label for the guest’s name. Naive simplicity for this “table path” (thinner than a table runner) that gives the picnic spirit to the table. And to listen to the grass grow, the table is punctuated by platters of herbs fools and catnip and the neatly knotted napkins of large, flexible.