Flowers and Plants Trend

“At random fields or gardens, flowers order the artist’s palette. And if the season escapes, the bouquet lingered in its vase as if by magic …”

In decoration, it is the flowers and plants that enter in our universe. The starting point is the observation of nature. A delicate and captivating nature, source of pleasure and tranquility.

In this trend, go for soft and harmonious colors.
Parma, purples and pinks, water green and olive green, not to mention anise green to wake it all up.

Materials and finishes:
They are absolutely natural. Cotton and linen accentuate this desire to return to basics. However, we will accessorize them with knots, cords, and any other material that will give them a warm identity.

The impressions:
They are obviously the ones which best reflect this “Flowers and Plants” trend.

The flowers here are fragile and delicate. It is a nature as observed under the microscope. Flowers punctuated here and there with a few small animals (ladybugs or dragonflies). See the “Les p’tites bébettes” Trend.
Halfway between the trend “Inspiration from elsewhere” and “Flowers and Plants”, we find the astonishing nature of distant lands, the cherry trees of Japan or other gingko take possession of our cushions or tea towels. In short, colorful and cheerful impressions at the service of our well-being!