Girly Halloween

This year, I want a Halloween different from the others.
Want to cheer up and make horror joyful, it’s decided Halloween will be “girly”. I looked in my cupboards and found a remnant of pink paint, rhinestones, glitter… Let’s have fun!

Bats abandon their black clothes to put on their evening dresses. You just need to draw the bat shapes on Canson paper. Once cut, paint them pink and sprinkle with glitter!

The light atmosphere   is created thanks to simple “tealight” candles decorated with rhinestones, usually used for scrapbooking … Pretty leaves, picked up during a walk in the forest, embellish the decor. Spread a little transparent glue on the leaves using a brush and sprinkle with orange and red glitter. 

The traditional pumpkin turns into elegant! dress it up in mini-tassels using srapbooking embellishments… If they are not self-adhesive, use fixed paste.

And to treat your guests , find on the Internet in the “images” section of google a pretty witch on her broom. Print the model to the size of your cake on a semi-rigid paper, then cut your witch that you will place on your cake and sprinkle everything with icing sugar … Gently remove your witch and adjust the finishes with the back of a teaspoon …

Your decoration for a “girly” Halloween is ready! Have fun …