Do not throw away your milk bottles, your pretty bottles of wine, or your small cardboard boxes. Today everything can be recovered and decorated!

Pretty bottle

You will need : a glass bottle, “any medium” paint called “undercoat paint” (in all DIY stores), scrapbooking embellishments (here paper flowers), and a brush. 

The steps : You must first of all clean your support well so that the paint adheres.
Then you can paint directly, passing several layers. Remember to respect the drying times between each pass. Then create your decor with your embellishments. The advantage of embellishments is that they are often self-adhesive, otherwise use fixed paste .

Tips: You can replace the paint “any medium” by spray paint
(DIY store). To avoid painting your floor at the same time, use a large enough cardboard box, place your object inside and bomb safely.

Other Ideas

Here are other little ideas just as easy to achieve:
Get the packaging box for your perfume , paint it white, add a label that you cut out of a pretty paper and here is your new pencil holder! 

Customize your bottle of milk by adding ribbons of different colors or decorate a bottle of wine with pretty butterflies cut out of paper sold in scrapbooking stores.