With 3 Times Nothing !!

We create a holiday table worthy of the most elegant evenings …

We bomb, we cut, we fold… We use our dishes “every day”, we invest 3 times nothing, we compete with tricks and above all we have fun!

Let’s customize our cutlery, glasses, napkins and candles … 

Everything is allowed, tonight is a day of celebration!

                              * * * We decorate the cutlery with gold * * *

First of all  : Protect the slats with newspaper and set up a “bending workshop” outside or in a very ventilated room.

To obtain an irreproachable result, we place the “gold” spray 10 cm from the cutlery, we pass the first time on one side of the handle and wait 5 minutes. The operation is repeated for a second coat and left to dry again. Then we proceed in the same way for the other side.

* * * We twist pastry lace * * *

… To transform them into pretty coasters.

Like the cutlery, we spray them with gold, taking care to let them dry.

* * * We divert metal garlands * * *

. . . That we cut to the desired size and that we put directly on pretty gold napkins,

… Or that we shape to dress our glasses. We cut the garland to the size of the glass and we bring the two ends together to hold it

 Or even that we bomb in gold and that we wrap around candles. We choose long candles and we place our garland on the lower part to allow the candle to burn without damaging our garland

* * *
Happy New Year celebrations